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SEAMEC, the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee, has been interviewing, educating, and rating candidates on issues of importance to the LGBT community since 1977.

SEAMEC is composed entirely of volunteers. Volunteers interview candidates and help provide ratings. Volunteers serve on the steering committee, which makes decisions that affect the members. Please consider being a donor, a volunteer, or a member of the steering committee.

Our mission

We are a non-partisan, non-profit civic organization dedicated to serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) communities. SEAMEC evaluates and rates candidates running for political and judicial office in Seattle, King County, and the state of Washington, based on their knowledge and a proven record of support for LGBT concerns and issues. SEAMEC publishes its ratings in advance of the primary and general elections so voters can make an informed decision.

Photo of our story

Each year, a committee designs a written questionnaire and develops interview questions to elicit information about a candidate’s attitudes towards LGBT issues and concerns. Questions cover the following general categories as well as relevant current issues:

 - Equal rights
 - Youth and schools
 - Family issues
 - HIV/AIDS/health
 - General awareness

Once questionnaires have been received and interviews conducted, the SEAMEC Steering Committee rates each candidate based on all available information relevant to the LGBT communities.
The evaluation includes his/her/their written and verbal SEAMEC responses, public record, community activism, and political involvement.

Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee